North Plains Alpacas
North Plains Alpacas
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North Plains Alpacas

We live today in a country that still represents freedom and opportunity. Even with the many different opinions, many different beliefs, many different backgrounds…we all want the same thing…success! Whether it is in our careers, or our families, or in little things or big…success is what motivates us.
Our success has been our family! Not that we have succeeded as in completion, but we have succeeded in living day to day, through good times, or hard times.
Having said all of that, we are Tim and Eldonna Graber. And our story begins like everyone else’s. One of us discovered alpacas (that would be Tim), and the other (that would be Eldonna) went right along with it, not realizing that EVERYTHING was about to change. “For the worse?” one might ask. “No, not really,” we’d answer. But change it is.
Livestock means that those family outings, camping, beach trips, lazy Saturdays (lazy days period) were gone!
But in the place of that, we have joined together as a family to raise the most incredible animals ever known to us. Alpacas have brought more laughter and tears and hard work to our family… but most of all it has brought us closer together… working harder to be a better family. We believe in what we are doing, we believe in each other!
As North Plains Alpacas, we are dedicated to breed for the future by providing opportunities for the new breeders while keeping up with the continued growth of the industry in numbers as well as quality. Our ranch now homes over 100 alpacas, and we specialize in white and black huacayas. We promise to always breed to improve and help the future Alpaca Industry in becoming a “success.” Sharing alpacas with others has been a blessing and we would love to share our stories and our alpacas with you!

Tim and Eldonna Graber
And family!

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North Plains Alpacas
Tim and Eldonna Graber
18735 NW Dixie Mt. Rd.
North Plains

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